About Us

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Misfits Houston is a social club in Houston, Texas, founded in 1992 by Creath Robinson and Bill Havard, two members of the Colt 45’s. Creath and Bill had a vision of a different type of club, with both strong social bonds and a commitment to serving their community.

Through the years Misfits Houston has grown into a group of strong, creative individuals who have never strayed from the ideals of Brotherhood and service to our community. Misfits Houston have produced fundraisers for various non profits in the Houston community, including the 14 year series of The Misfits Ball, which raised more than $150,000 for programs that support the LGBT community. The Misfits have always underwritten the costs of our fundraising activities, so all money raised goes directly to our beneficiaries.

Misfits Houston support the efforts of many other community organizations and have been active in Houston Council of Clubs and Texas Council of Clubs.

In 2012, Misfits Houston founded GLUE Weekend, combining our annual fundraiser with a weekend run. Part of the activities include the Misfits produced Mr. Third Coast Gear and Mr. Third Coast Leather contests. GLUE Weekend has become a national destination event, and continues to grow each year into a bigger and more dynamic event.

The membership of Misfits Houston has included numerous community leaders and title holders, including Mr. Texas Leather (3), Mr. Prime Choice (5), Daddy of Montrose (5), boy of Montrose (2), Mother of Montrose, Mr. Firedancer (6) and Mr. Hidden Door. Two members have held the office of Chairman of Houston Council of Clubs and one reigned as Emperor of ERSICSS (Empire of the Royal Sovereign Imperial Court of the Single Star).

Misfits Houston have received national recognition on several occasion, including receiving the CLAW Blockbuster award on four occasions as the largest CLAW Nation fundraiser, the 2010 National Leather Association International President’s Award “for Brotherhood and Appreciation”. Although several members were already members of “Mama’s Family”, in 2015 Mama Sandy Reinhardt inducted all of the members into her family, recognizing the commitment of the Misfits to help their community. As “Mama’s Misfits,” this marked the first time that an entire club was inducted into the family. Most recently, the Misfits were honored with the Emperor I Marcus Hernandez International Leather Leadership Award, presented during ERSICSS Coronation XXXIII.

As we move steadily towards our 30th anniversary, the Misfits continue to be a dynamic brotherhood which assists their community wherever they see a need.